The idea of Siesta Walls came to me one quiet afternoon when my toddler was at kindy and my baby was peacefully sleeping in her cot. The world was in the midst of a global pandemic and I was sick of reading about the devastation that was happening around the world. I walked into my bedroom that so desperately craved some fresh life and stared at the blank space above my bed...that's when the idea of eco-friendly decal bedheads popped into my head. From that moment my mind went into full swing. I wanted my bedheads to be environmentally friendly and I wanted my designs to be inspired by the beautiful world we live in, despite the horrible pandemic. 

Siesta Walls cares about our planet. We have chosen the ONLY printer that is certified with a UL Eco Logo for environmental excellence and the ONLY printer that uses environmentally friendly latex inks based on water. We also believe in manufacturing locally and ethically, which means we all pay a little bit more but we think it's well worth it. All of our headboards are print to order so we don't have masses of excess stock and therefore have minimal wastage. 

Our PVC-Free Wallpaper bedheads can be removed and reused many times over so updating your bedroom, the kids rooms or the guest bedroom has never been easier. Our bedheads won't leave a sticky residue and won't shrink or curl. 

We only live this life once, so let's fill it with experiences, travel and beautiful bedheads. 

Kristie ~ Siesta Walls x






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